The Red Folder

He mocks proud mockers but gives grace to the humble. Proverbs 3:34

Like every weekday at 8 a.m. sharp, Adam arrived at the office with a tall cup of Starbucks coffee in his right hand and a black, leather bag over his right shoulder.

Arriving at his desk, he placed the bag on the floor to the right of his chair.  His coffee went to the left of his keyboard.

After checking his email for anything urgent, he checked Sarah’s calendar, wrote a daily to-do list and then checked her voice messages. He was a routinist.  He never deviated.   However, unbeknownst to him, things would be different this morning.

Bag positioned and coffee in place, he opened his email.  As usual, there were plenty to go through.  Scanning from top to bottom for emails sent over the weekend, he came to one from Sarah sent unusually early today.  The subject line was “HOT: Need you to handle ASAP!”

“Oh, boy.  Here we go,” he said.  “What’s this gonna be?”

He selected it.  It opened on the right side of the screen.

Need you to get red folder off my desk and meet me in front of the building.  Will drive up at 8:30 to get it and head to a meeting.  Thanks!

By this point, it was already 8:25.  He jumped to his feet, turned to the left, took 3 big strides to her office door, turned the handle, and through open the door.

“Surprise!” the entire team shouted simultaneously. Adam nearly tripped and fell he was so startled.

“Come over here,” Sarah said, grinning ear to ear.

Sarah placed her arm around his shoulders.  “Adam, it’s no secret to anyone here that I’d be a wreck without you as my assistant.  You are without a doubt the most beloved person on our team.”

“Thank you,” he said.  “That’s very nice, but you…”

“No, no,” Sarah interjected.  “Just let me do this.”

“Now where was I?” she said.

“You were about to say something really awesome about me,” Adam replied.

Everyone laughed.  “Oh, yes,” she said.  “Adam, to be blunt about it, I owe so much success to you.  For that matter, all of us owe so much to you for our success as a growing company.  Every day…”

Sarah began to cry.  “Every day, you do so much for me, and for the past month I’ve treated you so badly.”

Adam’s eyes began to water.

“I wanted everyone to be here today to celebrate you and hear my apology for the past month.  Regardless of what’s going on in life, no one deserves to be treated that way and I’m sorry.”

Adam turned and hugged Sarah.

“Thank you,” she said.  “Thank you for being you.”


The Bible says be humble and you will receive grace.

Could you do what Sarah just did?