Shock The Status Quo. A New Blog Series!

For must of us, I think it’s safe to say we establish a routine and we stick with it for a long time.

At the beginning, we make conscious decisions about individual parts of a routine, but before long, we’re just doing. Doing subconsciously.

Before we know it, months have passed.

Courtesy of Filter Forge on Flickr Creative Commons.

Courtesy of Filter Forge on Flickr Creative Commons.

The truth is there’s comfort in a nice routine, but there are also downsides. Downsides for us personally, for our relationships and for our leadership.

While I’ve not written much here in quite some time, I intend to change that and start a new series called, “Shock the Status Quo.”

It’s all about examining life, determining what needs to change, and being intentional about making change happen.

Here’s a taste of what you can expect in this series.

– How a friend of mine shocked the status quo by starting a note-writing campaign called “Thank You Revolution”;

– How I led a team from “I hate my job” to “I love my job”;

– How developing a personal mission statement and goal setting will put your life on hyper-drive;

– More tips to shock your own status quo.

– And what the Bible has to say about it all.

I hope you enjoy this series, participate in comments section below, and tell others about it.

Question: How has being intentional about making a specific change improved your life?


Why I Wrote A Personal Mission Statement And You Should, Too

All successful organizations have a mission statement.  It gives teams direction and purpose.  When life happens and the business gets thrown off course, a mission statement helps teams get back on track.  It also helps them decide what “opportunities” not to tackle and any existing business areas that don’t fit.

Growing up, my mom told me to run my life like a business.  As a child, I didn’t fully understand what she meant by that beyond being serious about life.  Now as a bigger child, I better understand.  In short, live with intention. Set goals and go for them.

Okay, got it, mom!  I’m tracking!

Until a couple of years ago or so though, I was missing a key ingredient to leading myself well. The personal mission statement.

Now in the spirit of full disclosure, I had listened to people speak about having personal mission statements, and I thought it was a little corny back then.

Then I got smarter because I began surrounding myself with really successful people. And I started reading blogs and books they recommended and discovered a personal mission statement and a clear sense of purpose were fueling these people to success. Well, I want to be successful, and if successful people do this, I should too!  This isn’t hard folks.

It was corny no more.  I had to have one.  After a lot of thinking, prayer and listening to God, mine became clear.

To advance others through personal-growth education

If you know me well enough, perhaps some things about me just became clear.

Ever wonder why my wife and I lead a personal finances course?

Ever wonder why I choose to write about the stuff I do on this blog?

Ever wonder why I blab on and on about pretty much anything related to personal growth?

It’s because it’s my purpose, my higher calling.  And I’m a bit fanatical about my mission, and I want it to succeed!  So, why not give it structure and direction through a mission statement?  Successful businesses do!  It’s key.

If you believe your calling is to raise the best children on the face of the planet, write it down!  Then, align your goals to support it.

If you believe your purpose is to start a nonprofit that benefits starving people somewhere, write it down, and build your life around it.

For me, the stakes are too high to not have written mine down.  Since my purpose is about helping people, something God has told me to do, the stakes are too high to just idly go about it.

While I love it, it’s too hard, and life has and will continue to present obstacles that will pull me off purpose.  My personal mission statement, however, will always be there to remind me of what God has asked me to do in the kingdom.

So I challenge you to develop your own personal mission statement.  If you don’t know where to start, I’ll write about it soon.

Question: How do you think a personal mission statement could benefit your life?