Smoothing Out The Rough Spots In Life

Sandpaper really is a remarkable invention.  I mean sure it’s just paper with some sort of adhesive that holds on a bunch of sand, but it’s amazingly handy.

Woodworkers use it to make furniture.  It can be used to clean tile grout, polish metal, enhance fashion accessories, artists even use it (Hi, Jana).  I mean it’s one of those great, simple inventions of the world like duct tape.

But do you know what sand paper isn’t any good for?

Smoothing out the rough spots in our lives and in our society, especially those that began centuries ago, are rooted in sin and we continue to do today.  Pretty heavy, huh?

So, first off, God was pretty cool for the whole saving-us-from-our-sins thing because from the moment of creation we’ve been screwing up.  Do you think God saw that one coming?  But while we’re masters at doing things wrong, we’re also really good at trying to make things right.

A great example of how we try to smooth out the rough spots in life is with issues like capital punishment, a very controversial topic that seemingly everyone has an opinion about.  Now to be clear, this post isn’t about whether capital punishment is right or wrong.

Rather, it’s about how we try to deal, cope and manage with really difficult issues like this one.  An issue people are usually either for or against with passion levels that run the gamut.  Similar issues probably come to mind.

But here’s the thing.  Does it really matter how we try to right the wrong?  Is there a good answer?  Is there a sandpaper out there that can adequately smooth down the rough spots of this issue and make it right, especially when the answer involves killing.

For centuries now we’ve attempted to do so, and as modern society has involved, we’ve come up more “humane” ways to kill.

But in its simplest form, capital punishment is killing, no matter how you look at it.  Sure, we cloak it in “justice” to justify it and “make things right.”  But look at what started the cycle that led to someone be executed “legally.”

Murder.  Someone killed someone and humans believed something should be done about it in an attempt to smooth out the rough spot.

In my view, here’s another way to look at this issue and others like it.  Think of the grossest food you’ve ever eaten.

Now think about rolling it in sugar or chocolate.

Now think about taking a bite.

Does it make it taste any better?

Those of us living today are simply a snapshot in time.  If life is a river, we are all creeks flowing into it, carrying forward both the good and bad of mankind and doing our best to make things right as we go.

If only though we could re-evaluate our approach, rewind the tape to the beginning, and start anew.

Or maybe a better way to look at it is if only the entire world would re-evaluate and commit to following God’s word.  Boy what a Lenten season that would be.

Perhaps then we could trade in our sandpaper for something a little smoother.

Question:  How else do we try to smooth out the rough spots in life?