Blog Art

Life is a journey.  We’ve all heard this cliché.

The thing is, cliché or not, life really is.  It’s a series of decisions and events that leads to more decisions and events. Pretty soon, we start getting somewhere.  But is it where you want to go?  Where you want to be?  What you want your life to look like and represent?

This blog is about offering encouragement and insight on how to live life to its fullest, as I know it.  Ultimately that is with God on top and everything else falling underneath and in line.

The piece of art you see above is called Journey.  It’s a drawing by Allison Long Hardy, a brilliant artist I met in 2011.  She produced it with India ink, graphite, and pen on paper.  In actuality the piece is 60″ x 12″.

When I saw this piece for the first time, I was struck at how perfectly it represents our lives.  Chaotic at times.  Ever moving left to right on a timeline.  Filled with gaps.  A series of steps, some more concrete than others.  Declines and climbs back on top.

In the piece of art I see myself.  I see so many people I know.

Life is truly a journey.  We have the ability to make it as chaotic or calm, purposeful or purposeless as we elect.

Trust in God and visualize the life you want to lead.  And start creating it. I hope this blog helps out.


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