The #1 Reason to Start a Business

Money.  Entrepreneurial spirit.  Freedom.  Desire to create something out of nothing.

These are all common and completely legitimate reasons why people start businesses.

In fact, all of these are reasons why I started a business.  But you know what?  None of these is the main reason why.

And none of these is what inspires me every day.  None of them.  What does though?

My purpose.

To advance others through personal-growth education

You see, my business is a what to my why.  It’s a major way I activate my God-commanded calling.

As a small business marketing coach, I teach.  I teach entrepreneurs who desire the freedom of working for themselves.

I help advance them by increasing their marketing knowledge, which builds their confidence and ability to grow their businesses.  Their dream. Quite possibly their what to their own why.

I get paid to live out my purpose.  This is my driving force.  My inspiration.

Question: Why did you or would you start a business?


8 thoughts on “The #1 Reason to Start a Business

  1. My hope is to start a business coaching individuals and speaking/teaching groups about fitness. More than that, my purpose is to help give hope back to those who have lost hope of ever being healthy. At 425 lbs, I had lost that hope for a lot of years….now at 360, I’m starting to get it back, and I want others to have it too. I don’t want to do boot camps for soccer moms; give me the couch-bound loser who thinks he’ll die fat! That’s crap, and I can’t wait to show him! Great blog, Joel.

  2. My main reason is to utilize my God-given skills with laser-sharp focus. It would help me direct my effort. I could inspire people and teach creative and effective ways to find a job, keep a job and love their job.

  3. For me, I felt called to it and wasn’t entirely sure why. I guess it was initially the freedom and the feeling that I was made to be an entrepreneur. Now, I see it as a great opportunity to serve God in the unique ways he’s entrusted to me.

  4. I’m with you. I have a million reasons Joel…I think all entrepreneur’s are probably a bit ADD…I certainly am! But right now at this moment, my major reasons for starting a business are to spend more time with my family, so I don’t dread waking up every morning, earn more money, be able to spend all day having fun instead of working, and to be able to teach others.
    Thank you sir! great post!!

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