The Secret To Living The Dream

Most of us who work work for someone.  Someone with entrepreneurial spirit.  Someone who values the freedom of working for them self.  A problem solver.  Someone with a dream.

Those of us who seek greater meaning to life, seek out our why or our place in the world.  A dream.

Those of us who make decisions today to benefit our children, even unborn children, seek the same thing.  A dream.

Somewhere in every business out there, someone is living the dream.  It may be the CEO.  It may be someone in the middle of the organization.  It may be the most junior person.

Someone you know is working to discover their purpose in life or place in it.  Perhaps it’s you.

Parents all around are sacrificing, exercising discipline and planning so their children may benefit.  Children they may not even have yet.

“Living the dream” is completely relative.  It has nothing to do with your position, title, age, gender, race, income, the automobile you drive, the size of your house or the type of coffee you drink.

“Living the dream” is state of mind.  A perception of one’s world and all that is good in it.  A fuller view.  A view that recognizes there are so many who are less fortunate while simultaneously rejoicing over the blessings in our own lives.  That’s the secret.

A state of mind.

It’s the only thing that separates those living the dream and not.

So, I ask you, are you living the dream?


12 thoughts on “The Secret To Living The Dream

  1. Workin’ on it! 🙂
    Even though we have more obstacles in our life now than ever, we’re happier now than ever. I think that comes from knowing we’re headed in the direction God wants us to go 🙂
    And it doesn’t hurt that we’re doing the things we love to do!

  2. My mind scatters all over the place. One moment, I could be taking a deep interest in business, engineering or science concepts. Another moment, I am feeling very creative. I knew the global economic collapse was coming as early as mid 2001. Yet I am so-so with algebra and I won’t exactly be a CFO anytime soon. I’m not an expert at anything. I’m a generalist. I need to find some way to branch out to those who have expertise in these areas, so I can make some of these “crazy” ideas come to life.

  3. I live in a poor rural place but it is beautiful and uncrowded. There’s not much manmade stuff to do around here but that gives me more time to enjoy my God-created surroundings. I don’t get cell phone service but that means I’m not continually interrupted. I don’t have a ton of customers, but that gives me more time to get to know those I do have.

    We can focus on what isn’t and strive in our discontentment, or we can focus on what is and rest in contentment.

    Feels like living the dream to me!

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