It’s Not Too Late To Set 2012 Goals. A 3-Step Plan To Catch You Up.

It’s January 23.  If you haven’t set any goals for the year, chances are you probably won’t.

I hope I’m wrong though.  It’s never too late to start goal setting and living more intentionally.

If, however, you are someone who planned to goal set this year but for whatever reason haven’t, here’s a 3-step action plan to help you catch up before any more of the year gets away.

1. Prioritize

If you had a lot of potential goals swirling around in your head back in December, now’s the time to narrow them down.  Pick 2-3 that are most important. Chances are if you haven’t set any goals by this point, there’s a reason for it.  Don’t overwhelm yourself now.  It’s better to pick a handful and work hard toward on those than set 17 goals and achieve none of them.

2. Answer why

For each goal you set, be sure to include why you set it.  Being clear about why you’re doing something is powerful.  While it seems obvious and simple, it’s not.  Consider this.  How many unexpected events happened to you last year?  How many emergencies?  How many requests did you get from other people you couldn’t turn down?  How many times did you start something and not finish it?

Answering why and documenting it with our goals gives us more of a fighting chance by the time May rolls around and life has happened.  This step is critical, especially for important goals we’re not very passionate about like writing a will, for example, or getting life insurance.

3. Write them down and hang them up

Once you’ve decided on 2-3 goals and answered why for each, write them down and hang them up where you’ll see them daily.  Mine and my wife’s goals are printed out and hanging on the refrigerator.  Considering we both need food to survive, we’re guaranteed to see them every day.

And for you smarty pants readers, yes, there’s also dry food in the pantry for us to subsist on.  But I’m sure you get the point!

So there you go.  A simple, 3-step plan to help you get going with achieving your goals and living well.

Question:  What steps would you add?


5 thoughts on “It’s Not Too Late To Set 2012 Goals. A 3-Step Plan To Catch You Up.

  1. I would add, Start today. This year has been the first year my wife and I have written down our goals. We have them around out house so we can daily see them. We also have action steps which allow for daily progress.

  2. I’m a big fan of new year’s resolutions, but I think we can take it too far when we think it’s the only time we can make goals. I hope no one feels reluctant to make goals at any point in the year!

    • Absolutely! We tend to look for hinge points in life unfortunately though. Goals in Jan. Church on Sunday. Live for Friday. Dread Monday. And if it doesn’t fit the established pattern, it’s tough to achieve. Know what I mean?

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