#BestBook of 2011

What was the best book you read in 2011? And why? Share your fave in the comments below so others can see it and check it out if they want.

If you’re on Twitter, I’m going to tweet these using the hashtag #BestBook2011.

Mine – EntreLeadership by Dave Ramsey. In this book Dave explains how he grew his business from a card table in the house to a multi-million dollar operation employing more than 300 people. It’s not fluffy leadership talk. It’s nuts and bolts from vision casting to accounting to selling to marketing. It’s pure gold for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Your turn. Go!


8 thoughts on “#BestBook of 2011

  1. Joel, I love to hear great book suggestions from other people, and there have been some great books mentioned here. My favorite book for 2011 and maybe one of my favorite books I’ve ever read is “A Million Miles In A Thousand Years” by Donald Miller. I’ve been trying to tell a better story in my own life ever since reading this book.

  2. Great question. One of my top books was titled “Hell Is Real, But I Hate to Admit It” by Brian Jones. This was more of an encouragement to share my faith than a leadership or personal growth book, but I’d still recommend it.

  3. This is a hard one, because I read so many good books. I would say The 5 Levels of Leadership by John Maxwell. It lays perfectly the seasons/levels of leadership. I also just finished EntreLeadership and it’s the best book I’ve read this year.

  4. Man, good question.

    If I had to say just one, I guess it would be “Just Do Something” by Kevin DeYoung. It’s about God’s will and how to find it. It’s a short read but packs a heavy punch.

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