Strengthening Relationships Today For The Future

If you haven’t noticed, it’s Friday the 13th. 

The scariest thing in my life today is what the future holds.  Thanks to God, I’m blessed.  Life is so sweet.  But it won’t always be.

Crises will occur.  Knowing this, I’m working to strengthen myself by living my why – my calling – and activating it with goals. 

More importantly, I’m strengthening my relationship with God, my family and friends.  While I need them every day, I will need them all in such abundance one day.  And so will you.

Be it deliberateness or fear that causes you to prepare for the future, I encourage you to strengthen the relationships that matter the most.  Start today. 

Question:  What relationships do you rely on when life gets tough?


4 thoughts on “Strengthening Relationships Today For The Future

  1. I’ve been going through the hardest season I’ve ever gone through. (Everything that has happened with my son) It’s the close relationships I have build and God allow me to get through this time. I can say I’m so glad I took the time and energy to add build valued relationships when everything was going smoothly.

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