One Season Ends, Another Begins

On Monday night Alabama beat LSU to win the college football national championship, finishing the season with a 12-1 record. Years of sacrifice, effort, failure and success culminated in sweet victory for the Crimson Tide.  It was a night those players will never forget. It was night dreams came true.

During the game, MaryBeth, myself, and 5 others sat around the TV.  We talked.  Laughed.  Told stories.  It was a night to be remembered for sure.

For the majority of Alabama seniors though, it was the night they played their last football game.

Of course a few players will go on to play professionally.  A few may go on to coach.  But for most, Monday night was it.  Forever. But what a way to go out with thousands of your fans crowded around TVs and in stadium seats cheering for you to succeed.  To win.


Soon after taking my seat on the bus to work yesterday at 7:05 a.m., I took my phone out of my jacket pocket.  I selected the internet app and went to

“…21-0…”  “Alabama wins…”  That was when I learned the outcome of the game.  I hadn’t even seen a play the night before.

Monday night MaryBeth and I were in fact with 5 people.  We were surrounding a TV.  We even rooted and cheered.  But the game ensuing at the same time wasn’t even a thought.

While the Crimson Tide were on their way to a championship, we were kicking off Financial Peace University, a 13-week course that teaches people how to beat debt and build wealth.  We were with 5 people who were beginning their own 13-week season on their way to changing their position in life for the better.

Monday night was the beginning of what will hopefully be a championship life for our new friends.  And there’s nowhere else I would’ve rather been.

I hope you’ll cheer them on.


8 thoughts on “One Season Ends, Another Begins

  1. This is awesome, Joel! My wife and I had a “Total Money Makeover” via Dave Ramsey, & it literally changed our financial lives. We’re less than 2 months away from paying off our last credit card bill, and I cannot wait! I hope your friends end up champs!

  2. I love the title of this post! It affirms that life does not wait. It is in a constant move. If you missed it, you miss it. And we should take enjoy each season and prepare for the coming seasons.

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