I Didn’t Plan For This

Quarter-sized snowflakes are falling from the sky in the DC-area right now.  I see them through my office window.  “Hey there, snow.”

Knowing my wife, she’s probably sitting in front of the window at home right now with a huge grin on her face, wondering how life could get any better.

I on the other hand am questioning how I will survive the day and accomplish my 2012 goals.  You see, snow is the enemy of Joel.  One major reason is I like European shoes, which generally lack sufficient tread.

Always plan for unforeseen circumstances and insulate your ability to achieve your goals by wearing the right shoes.  Or risk ending up flat on your back.

That is all.


4 thoughts on “I Didn’t Plan For This

  1. Simple but powerful reminder. Looking for potential goal stoppers is so important. We should never worry or fear about them but be aware but be aware of what could stop us from reaching our goals.

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