Set Goals Like Soccer Announcers Call Them

Picture yourself in the clothes you wear when you need that extra bit of confidence. Take a few seconds to think about.  Is it a suit? A dress?  Something more casual?  A uniform of some sort?  Whatever, just picture yourself in it.

If you’re married, your spouse is with you, also wearing their best.

Have you ever heard someone say goals are a dream with work clothes on?

Well, today, you’re the goal.  And you’re now dressed and ready to start happening to life.

Living your why, or purposefully, means just that – you’re living on purpose, not accidentally.  Now, if you’ve read my previous posts, you’ve read about dreaming again, discovering your God-commanded purpose, and writing it down as a personal mission statement. If you’re already there, congratulations.  If you’re not, I seriously encourage you to work on discovering your why.  Why are you here?

The reason I encourage this is it gives your life meaning and direction.  Now does that mean your life isn’t meaningful without it? Absolutely not.  But I believe you increase your chances of being happier, feeling like you’re a part of something bigger, living a fuller life and contributing more to God’s kingdom when you do.

Also, it just makes sense.  Your why is your life strategy.  It’s the big picture.  And once you understand it, it’s time to go to work putting your life into action.

Enter goal setting.

Goals are all about accomplishing stuff.  They’re active.  Alive.  Purposeful.  I’m sure you have some.  Most of us do, I believe.

But are your goals connected to your why?  Do they complete, as Zig Ziglar said, your wheel of life, meaning all of you?  Are they measurable?  Are they written down and hanging somewhere you’ll see them every day?

If not, you don’t have goals, you have dreams.  Ideas.  Good intentions.  While a good start, all of these are neither measurable, hangable or viewable, and as a result your odds at just remembering them, let alone accomplishing them, are extraordinarily small.

Again, goals are active.  They’re exciting!  Have you ever heard one those professional soccer game announcers who nearly explodes when a goal is scored?  A team works the ball down the field.  One player passes to the next.  He kicks the ball toward the goal and out of nowhere another player puts in the net with his head past a diving goalie.  And then it happens.


That’s how you need to view scoring goals for your life.  This the level of intensity that makes stuff happen.

The soccer announcer doesn’t say, “The player just headed the ball into the net past the goalie, resulting in a goal.  Hooray.”

This is like the good intention of “spending less money and saving this year.”  That idea of “having friends over to the house more.” The dream of “exercising five days a week.”

At the end of the year, you’ll look back and you’ll most likely be deeper in debt with less fulfilling friendships and 5 pounds heavier.

And hanging in your closet is that outfit, again, waiting for you to come put it on and get moving.

If you really want to feel more accomplished, purposeful and complete, start goal setting because goals are your car’s wheels, the river’s water, the rifle’s bullet.  Goals make you roll, flow and strike your target.

In my next post, I’ll write about how to goal set to activate your purpose.

Question: How has goal setting improved your life?  How do you think it could?


5 thoughts on “Set Goals Like Soccer Announcers Call Them

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  2. Setting goals has played a huge role in my life. I focus on setting personal development and writing goals the most. I know if I continue to grow and develop the other areas of my life will be better. I believe goals are important, if we want to see progress and movement. Looking forward to reading the next post.

  3. My goal is to start writing goals. And I’ll get to that right after I reach my first goal of setting goals.

    Seriously, I have to learn to take the time to set some goals and then be able to check them off as I accomplish them. Squirrel!!

    Thanks for the post, it helps hearing how you react when you hit a goal. I have forgotten that!

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