The 7 Parts of Writing a Personal Mission Statement

As I wrote last week, my personal mission statement defines my God-commanded purpose and gives me direction.  And when life happens, and I get pulled away from my purpose, “it will always be there to remind me of what God has asked me to do in the kingdom.”

I was thrilled the post inspired a few of you to “dust off” your mission statements, re-read them and in one person’s case, even refine it.  That was awesome.  But what about those of you who don’t have a mission statement and don’t know where to begin?

Well, this post is especially for you!  For the experienced, perhaps you’ll pick up a tip or two to better define your own.  Here we go! Are you ready?

1. Start with why

Step away from the computer.  Put your pen down.  The most important step in writing a personal mission statement has nothing to do with writing it.  You must first determine your why. Your what?  Yes, your why.  Why are you here?  We all have a God-commanded purpose for living.  Until you figure that out, you’re not ready to write a mission statement.  Start with why.  Parts 2 – 6 will help you with this.

2. Pray

Prayer is essential to determining your why.  Ask God to provide you clarity of thought and help.  There’s nothing wrong with that. After all, God wants you to achieve this.  Ask Him for help. The Bible says in 1 Peter 5:6-7, “Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time.  Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”

3. Reflect

By the time we’re adults, we’ve sinned so much, experienced so much heartache and have filled our minds with so many distractions, we’re a million miles away from where God wants us to be.  That’s because life has happened to us too much, and it’s time to reverse course.  Seek out quiet time each day to reflect on the best moments of your life and contemplate why those were the best.  This will put you in a positive, future-focused frame of mind that will lead you to creating even better moments.  And don’t forget to write down your thoughts and ideas.

4. Dream

If money was not a factor, I’d commit my life to ________?  Notice I didn’t say “If money was not a factor, I would be….”  Being or doing something implies work, and I think we do enough of that.  This is about leading your life the way God wants you to, not working some more. In a future post, I’ll give you my take on using your job to further your why.

5. Nerd it up

It’s time to analyze.  Go find that quiet spot because it’s time to think long and hard.  Ask yourself these questions.

What are my passions?  What are my natural strengths?  What have I always loved doing?  What type of people am I drawn to?  What type of activities have I always enjoyed?  Re-ask yourself, “If money was not a factor, I’d commit my life to _________?” Write the answers down.

6. Look and listen

A key part of writing my mission statement was listening for God.  There was one week along the way I’d never felt God’s presence more.  It was powerful, and I made sure to document all of my thoughts and observations.

7. Start writing your mission statement

At this point, it may be days or months since you started this process.  There is no template.  You’re unique and so is your why. When you feel ready to start writing your mission statement, start.  It may come quickly, it may be a struggle.  If so, pray, reflect, dream, analyze and listen.  Read what you wrote when you were reflecting and analyzing.  This is exactly what I did, and one day, it all became clear.

To advance others through personal-growth education

And here I am today, passing on personal-growth education to you, feeling fulfilled, peaceful and alive.

Question: What’s keeping you from starting this process?


3 thoughts on “The 7 Parts of Writing a Personal Mission Statement

  1. Joey, while you were reaping the benefits of your parents, BMW and all, your brother could have used implants to help him hear and communicate after so many years of struggling. Shame on you! God bless Chris.

  2. Great post and thoughts! I can see the benefits in having a personal mission statement. My wife and I recently started saying that we want to, give our first and give our best. Meaning the first and best of our time, energy, and money will be given to advance the Kingdom of God. Which is both of our goal as a married couple. Keep up writing great content.

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