Getting stuck in the social media mud

Bonfire parties are great fun. But you know one way they often end poorly?  When you get back to your car.

Reeking of smoke, hyped up on s’mores and happy, you arrive back at your vehicle parked in the middle of a field, fire up the engine, step on the accelerator pedal and then it happens. The tires begin to whine as the Earth begins to slowly gobble up your car as the wet tires spin wildly in the wet grass.  At this point, there is no happiness. The competition to see how many burnt layers of marshmallow you could extract from a single piece has been forgotten.  And, of course, this being a bonfire party, it’s long past dark. To make matters worse, you’re the last one to leave.

There you are. Stuck, angry and alone. At this point, there’s only one thing left to do. Check out the severity of the situation.

A few seconds later, you’ve arrived at the scene. Depending on your car type, you’re now standing at either the car’s front or rear with your hands on your hips or in your pockets, staring.  Cluelessly staring.

This scene describes me and social media.

Like many things we love in life, we tend to indulge in them heavily, and before we know it, we’re down in a hole.  See, I’m crazy passionate about helping people improve their lives by sharing personal-growth information.

This was actually a primary reason I changed my blog focus.  Up until that point, I spent a lot of time trying to build relationships with people online, people I don’t even know.  Now, to be clear, that works well for many people but not for me because of what I’m passionate about and what stage of the game I’m in.

Author and life coach, Dan Miller, said to take the flowers closest to you and use those to make a bouquet.  Moreover, Proverbs 18:24 says, “A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.”

Friends and family are now who I’m reaching out to with my passion.

This sounds like an obvious thing to do, but it wasn’t for me until recently.  I think that’s because I was too focused on the possibility social media provides – the ability to connect with an infinite number of people. There I was sitting in the front seat of my car for days and days, admiring the next field over while overlooking the bouquet-ready flowers all around me.

There I was stuck in the mud.  After realizing I wasn’t going anywhere, I pulled out my phone and like we all do, I reached out to a friend to help me.  The funny thing is if I’d started there, I wouldn’t have gotten stuck in the first place.

Question: Have you ever been stuck in some type of social media mud?


2 thoughts on “Getting stuck in the social media mud

  1. I often find social media lacking in the ability to fill my social needs, further more I can’t stand how much dribble there is, especially with all those facebook games that auto post, I don’t care if you found a virtual cow or puppy or what have you. I like the blogging atmosphere better, you put yourself out there and then people can comment and you can moderate!

    I love reading and listening to Dan Miller, I hope you have already discovered his podcast and listen to it regularly.

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