Slow down with the ‘dead’ talk

As Jim Lukaszewski said in his book, Why Should the Boss Listen to You?, communicators need to learn to think like managers to gain a seat at the coveted “table.”  Well, I don’t know about you, but all the “dead” talk does not help us get there.

What am I talking about?

“Traditional marketing is dead.”  “The press release is dead.”  And the latest, “Google+ is a Facebook killer.”

The fact of the matter is traditional marketing is alive and well.  Press releases are written by the thousands daily.  And it’s just too early to tell how G+ will actually impact Facebook, Twitter or many other web sites out there.

In my view, sweeping estimations like these harm our credibility because so often they’re wrong.  And it’s not just the wrongness that hurts us, it’s how quickly and loudly the falsehood is touted.

Business managers do not often make serious decisions without first watching, analyzing, reflecting, discussing and watching some more.  Solid decisions are fueled with patience and deliberateness and are well thought out.  It’s not about being able to claim “I told you so.”  When we, as communicators, don’t exercise maturity in our advice and counsel, we lose and don’t deserve a seat at the table.


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