At the beach…achieving balance

After two very successful weeks of blogging, meaning I posted almost every day, I’m taking a break this week to enjoy a vacation with my wife in St. John. She deserves it after teaching 3 year olds for the past 6 months!

Like the stereotypical American I am though, my break won’t be a total separation from regular life as I will publish a Behind Leadership post Friday on Aileen Katcher of KVBPR in Nashville, Tenn.

If you just rolled your eyes and silently thought, “Come on man, take a break for real,” I understand.  The thing is work and blogging aren’t chores for me, they’re passions. I don’t vacation to get away from them, I just reduce the amount of time spent on them and increase the amount of time I spend with MaryBeth.

See we are very deliberate people. We set annual goals and yes we actually write them down and hang them where we see them daily. One of those goals is this vacation. It’s one of the many ways we achieve total balance in life, in addition to daily walks together and weekly date nights. While we don’t achieve balance daily, which we believe isn’t necessary, we do work to have it over the course of a year. We find this allows us to achieve so much more as a couple.


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