Being ‘human’ to Google+: Jeff Esposito talks social media

If you’ve been to Jeff Esposito’s blog, Exploring Conversational Media, you may have noticed the turtle.  This simple visual communicates a powerful message – go slow and prosper.  This resonates strongly with me and speaks to the experience Jeff possesses, especially when offering advice on social media. I wrote a post I think he’d even appreciate complete with a tortoise!  Weird, I know.

Jeff Esposito

When I want some sound perspective on social media, Jeff is one of my go-to people.  That’s why I wanted his perspective on several recent, newsworthy social media happenings.  From challenging the assertion social media is dying to being “a human” to Google+, here’s what Jeff had to say.  Read it and go find a turtle for your office.

1. Debra Ellis published a blog post last week found at about the death of social media and the rise of social marketing. Take a look. What are your thoughts?

Social marketing is just another buzz word for social media. Much like other avenues social media is a tool for business that will either make your company money or save it money.  Listening will never be dead as the nature of the medium is social, so brands and marketers need to dig into their human self to put out content that speaks to other humans and can help convert leads to sales.

2. With Facebook users being bombarded with marketing within the space, how do marketers prevent from becoming white noise or just annoyances customers tune out?

Brands can do this by treating their fan pages as a community not a broadcast sales medium. Any brand that just pushes sale after sale and forgets the whole engagement with customers things will fail in the long run. Companies also need to set expectations in the info page and iFrame landing pages letting their customers and fans know what to expect in terms of communications.

3. On June 16, Pew released the results of a new study on social networks found here  Of the many findings, the study showed only 6% of LinkedIn users engage the platform daily even though the network has more users than Twitter, which 33% of users engage daily.  Why is that you think?

It does not surprise me at all. LinkedIn to me is a platform to show off your skills to potential employers. If you are secure in your job and aren’t actively looking, there is no need to login and update every day. I used to think that groups were a good thing, but they took a nasty turn and have become filled with self promotional posts and blatant sales pitches. I have opted out of most groups and only head over to the network to accept network invitations or to connect with new people.

4. In my experience, unlike Facebook, people seem to have the hardest time understanding how best to use Twitter for PR and Marketing purposes.  Should Twitter somehow make it easier?

Social media requires you to be a human as I stated earlier. Twitter is simple, 140 characters for a message and you can spark conversations with anyone. If you can’t communicate effectively, how can you make people understand it better with a quick video?

5. The announcement of Google+ was all the rage last week.  Do you think Google is creating or filling a hole in the marketplace that’s sustainable or do you think they’re late to the social network party?

While Google has had quite a few missteps in their earlier attempts to “get” social, I think that G+ is going to be something worthwhile. It is very clean and hooks into existing Google platforms so it will just be on how they differentiate themselves from Facebook. Given their vast resources it may even wind up being something similar to Facebook toppling Myspace a few years back. They have noted that the G+ will factor into SEO results in the future and companies can’t ignore it.


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