Employees, assemble!

Companies that don’t require a stadium to bring together all the employees should do so. Why? Because it’s an ideal way for leadership to communicate with employees and employees with their peers.   Unfortunately, “all-hands” meetings, as their known in some circles, have become something to dread.

The reason is because leaders so often fail to do them right, and the dread is the feedback telling them so.

When team gatherings are done right, they’re employee focused.  Leaders communicate with the team, not at them.  Topics are relevant to all, not just leaders.  Ideas are shared amongst divisions.  Great speakers are brought in to inspire, provoke thought or just make people laugh, which should never be undervalued.

The bottom line is an all-hands session is a communication tactic.  If you’re a leader, it’s not about you.  Focus on your team.  Find out what moves them and do it.   If you’re an employee, it’s all about you.  If you don’t like what you’re hearing or experiencing, say so. If you do, say so.  Great leaders will then keep it coming.


2 thoughts on “Employees, assemble!

  1. Good post, Joel. I think companies simply undervalue the importance of across the board communication.

    All-hands may get a bad rep from employees, but also often fail to thrill leadership. “Why would I bring my entire team together? They’ll be more productive if they just remain focused on their task.” But this sharing, if done well and does indeed remain focused on the team, provides opportunities for collaboration across departmental lines, and hopefully increases revs and improves the corporate culture.

    • Thanks, Lance! Getting communication right is one of the hardest things to do inside organizations. Solid communication, especially in large organizations, relies on so many other factors such as a strong leadership team that collectively buys into the vision and mission of the org. Also, the leadership team has to collectively value communication and servant leadership. If fissures exist in the leadership team, fissures will exist from division to division. No doubt, this is so hard to do. I think it should be part of the vision though. This way, regardless if you ever nail it, you’re always deliberately working toward it. That’s success right there.

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