Never hear from top leadership. And I don’t care.

Employees want and need communication from top leadership.  Survey after survey reinforces this.  As a result, leaders implement a myriad of tactics to give employees what they want.  More savvy leaders ensure there are feedback mechanisms available, too.

But is communication from or with top leadership really what people are after?  Is it really important to their long-term effectiveness? Is communication from leaders layers and layers above you in the chain of command really valuable?

When polled, sure, people will tell you it’s important and perhaps it is for some.  However, I submit what most employees want is to feel valued, do work that matters, feel team unity and have high morale.  Top leadership, especially in mega corporations, could do nothing but communicate and it would not give employees these things.

On the other hand, I submit that employees who feel valued, believe their making a difference, feel a part of a strong team and have high morale all have strong leaders as their direct bosses.  Leaders who are with them daily.  Leaders who care about them, succeed with them and more importantly are there for them when life gets hard.  When this is the case, does it really matter what top leadership has to say?

What do you think?



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