I eat blogs for lunch

Seriously, I do.  I eat blogs, tweets, websites, forums and other tasty bits of information for lunch most days.  Nearly 100 percent of time they’re related to PR.  I’m a self-confessed, personal-growth junkie. And I need my daily PR info fix.

If I don’t get it, I get stressed because I know there’s information out there I need or at least want. I guess there are worse habits in the world!

Truthfully, I simply love to learn, and my PR colleagues are some sharp folks who teach me something every time I’m online.  Most weekdays at work, you’ll find me camped out at my desk around the noon hour lifting and lowering my fork without looking and my eyes glued to the Twitter stream hunting for blog links.  Lunch is like attending a professional development seminar for free!

Sure, sometimes it’s nice to get out of the office and step away from awhile, but rest assured my smartphone goes with me.

That said, here are a few blog posts I ate today.

PR Breakfast Club – Do companies need a crisis plan or social media crisis plan? (Part 1)

Spin Sucks – Social Media is No Longer Super Neat-o

prTini – In PR, Always Have a Plan B


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